Murcia will hold a debate on the application of language technologies. The event will take place in the Faculty of Letters of the University of Murcia the 20th September 2017. This debate coincides with the XXXIII International Conference of the Spanish Society for Natural Language Processing (SEPLN 2017). The debate is organized by the Spanish Secretary of State for Society of Information and Digital Agenda together with RED.ES. It belongs to the Plan to promote Language Technologies.

The aim of this event is to foster the knowledge exchange and to share the perspectives about the applications of the language technologies for the different agents such as public administrations, universities or companies. Another objective is to boost the business sector of language technologies through the exchange of visions and experiences about public purchase of innovation among representatives of big companies with consolidated products and small new companies with innovative products.

On this day we will have a session about knowing the state of art of language technologies in Latin American Countries. The outstanding initiatives will also be commented as well the possibilities of collaboration with Spain at different levels such as research, business, as well as institutional or academic level.

To finish this event, there will be two workshops in parallel to go deeper into the knowledge of the users’ needs and the potential of language technologies in two sectors of particular relevance to the Spanish economy and society, that is Health and Tourism.

Provisional agenda

9.00 am: Opening

9.30 hours: Actions developed within the TL plan

10.00 am: The public purchase of innovation applied to TLs

10.30 am: Coffee break

11.00: Workshop 1 Initiatives in language technologies in Latin America and Spain

12.30 hours: Workshop 2 Harnessing synergies between large and small enterprises

2 pm: End of the morning session

15.30 hours: Workshop 3A Applications of TL in Tourism

15.30 hours: Workshop 3B Health improvement through the use of TLs

6 pm: Closing

More info

TecnoLing 2017

The same day, TecnoLing-2017 event will take place. TecnoLing 2017 has the aim of showing the latest technological advances of the linguistic industry. The event has the capacity to hold 20 companies, universities or research centers related to linguistic technologies such as automatic translation, reputation management, systems of dialogue, text mining, Creation of Abstracts, Linguistic Processing Chains, etc. This technologies has direct interest for companies and public administrations of a wide range of sectors (Bank, Health, Pharmacy, Media, Tourism, Justice, Education, Security, etc.)

If any company is interested in participating as an exhibitor at TecnoLing can find more information here